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Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ok, been a busy week. Had to take Jeffery to the ER because he has an idiot for a pediatrician!!! They said he had excema on his leg, well it got worse and started spreading and was hot to the touch a week later, so i called the office who told me to keep doing what i was doing and he was fine. Something in me told me something was wrong, so I took him to the ER, they IMMEDIATLY knew it wasnt excema, even the nurse said it looked like a skin infection!!!! a nurse!!!! come on now, and a dr cant diagnose that?!?!?!? So....they did blood work and left the site in incase he needed iv meds....which he did!!! they pushed IV antibiotics through him for half an hour!!! I looked that up when i got home and they treated him for a moderate to severe case. He is also on oral antibiotics. His dr should have seen it!!!! Sooooo i call his dr office and tell them the ER dr wanted him seen in 3days for a checkup on it....they said they "needed to call the hospital to get his records before we can make the appointment" uhmmmm i just told you what the ER dr told me, do u not trust me??? Well the next morning they call back and say they wont see him unless its not getting better or its getting worse. What kind of stupid crap is that????? so i emailed a lawyer to see if we have a malpractice suit against them. since they neglegted to check him thoughly. They just looked at him from across the room. Im in the process of trying to find the kids a different doctor.


amiablerain said...

I remember you telling me when this happened.
I am so sorry they misdiagnosis sweet Jeffery thats so sad.

I hope he healed completely from it.

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