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Thursday, April 17, 2008

We're moved

We are in our new home!!! Its smaller, but I like it. The kids enjoy the HUGE yard!!!! It will probably take us a year to unpack everything!!!!

Well today we had an interesting day....Jeff comes in from outside and says "Jackie...come look!! Come here quick!!" So i go out with him and there is this chicken in the middle of the yard...I look at him and ask "what did she lay an egg??" knowing he would get excited about something as simple as an egg. Well he got close to the chicken and she moved a little and I saw this little head pop out, she had babies!!! They are ADORABLE!!!! She has 8 total, 6yellow and 2 brown!!! Jeff said we can keep them!!!! They are the cutest little things, jeffery loves them too!!! and Jaylin does too, they were both petting one of the babies i was able to catch.

Well, Jeffery's rash is getting better, we had him to the ER AGAIN. The rash came back after his 1st dose of antibiotics finished. So he has more antibiotics he's taking 2 times a day now...so we'll see if that helps.


Leslie said...

Hope Jeffery is doing better!

amiablerain said...

Wow Did you take a picture of the chicken and babies.That would be really neat to see gurl.

Hope all is well with you hon

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