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Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a Night

Last night we had a horrible storm!! The power went out around 3pm and we didnt get it back on til 11am!! Jeffery didn't want to sleep without his Car's nightlight....so it was rough getting him to sleep. It didnt help that I had Jaylin to the dr that day (was there when the power went out) and she has yet another ear infection...tubes here we come! She is on a full dose of antibiotics for 10 days (that means 2 times a day) and then 1 time a day for 20days after that....should get us through til she goes to the ENT July 3rd. I hope they can get her in to surgery soon after that.

I am no babysitting a little girl, she's 3 and gets along pretty well with Jeffery so that is good. It also means I am bringing in some much needed extra money. Jeff is also working a part time job in his extra time, he is helping a guy with canoe rentals. He has been making decent money at that too.

Speaking of canoes, me and Jeff went out on one this past Sunday, my mom watched the kids for us. We went with the owner of the canoe rentals, his daughter, and 2 other guys who work for him, he wanted them to get a feel for the river so they can tell customers 1st hand experiences. We had a blast, it was so relaxing and we saw a bald eagle flying overhead! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to go again, just not as long this time, we went 9miles and it took us 4 1/2hrs!!! We stopped a few times and got stuck a few times. But I am proud of Jeff, he has a HUGE fear of water (he almost drown when he was 2 and he remembers it clearly) But he did great. He did keep his life jacket on.

Well, I think that is all for now. So I'll end this.


Kristin said...

My nephew just had tubes put in and he's a year. These days it's simple they are tiny and he didn;t feel a thing. It was so quick and easy. Poor girl though I could only imagine.

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