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I'm working and working on reviews and giveaways that need done. I have a lot of stuff going on at home with the kids' and their school with meetings. Please be patient and know that I'm not gone. Please keep checking back for new stuff!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Day

Today was good, other than being tired. Jeffery did GREAT in his eval today, it was shorter than expected because he separated from me easily. They took him to a room to do his eval and kept me in another room to answer a TON of questions from family history as far back as i knew, my pregnancy with him and EVERYTHING! He was sooooo good, they had a hard time understanding him, which i knew was going to be an issue. They were amazed at how advanced he is, example: when Jaylin has a toy he wants, he gets another toy he dont want and gives it to her to get the toy she has...they said that is WAY ADVANCED for him!!! Also he knows how to play video games, the computer and stuff like that. We go back September 15th or 16th for the 2nd/last eval, then we should know something by the end of October.

Oh, and his new preschool teacher called (the special education program in this county got expanded and he is going to be going to my old elem school!!!) and she is looking forward to having him in her class, her name is Miss Kim, which will be easy for him to say. The open house is Thursday from 1-3 and i cant wait to go and meet her, she sounds sooooo nice!!!! He will be going 3 days a week from 9am-1pm! I am soooo excited for him!

Well that is all for now, its late and i need some sleep! Getting up at 6am bout killed me this morning lol. Good night!!!



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