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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I wub my hubby!

He is simply the greatest! Even for the time I had my IUD in and was a complete pain in the butt, he stuck by me. Yes we had our fights, and one point almost separated (well sorta did for 2 days, but stayed in the same house) My IUD was causing me to be a hormonal mess (i cant even remember how many pregnancy tests I took thinking that was my problem) Once we figured that was our problem, we worked towards solving it (me getting family planning insurance to have it removed) He overlooked my moodyness after that. And I got my IUD removed 2 weeks ago and havent felt so good in FOREVER!!!

But seriously, Jeff has been great, he works 2 jobs, one is 12hr rotating shifts and his other is whenever they need him when he's not working his 1st job, its just a side job, but it brings in some extra money. He give me the option of going to work or staying home with the kids, once we thought about it, we come to the conclusion together it would be the best if i stayed with the kids (cost of daycare, gas prices, ect). So I have been a stay at home mommy for 3years and I love it! And its all thanks to my wonderful husband!

He made it even better this past week, we traded in our SUV (which i wanted 2 years ago, and he got for me) for a bigger vehicle, a van, and I was able to pick it out, and I was the one who fixed his credit so we could get it without my dad cosigning....but we got it, and he was all for it! Yea we will be payin on it for the next 5 years (our suv payment only had 2 more years left) Here is a picture of my new van. It is soooo much more room for the kids....and the kids we will add in the near future!


That leads me to my next I love my hubby thing....since I got my IUD taken out (and actually before) I have wanted another baby....well my IUD is out and I am not on anymore birth control (for one im tired of being on hormones) We discussed it last night, and we BOTH want another baby, and we are currently trying for baby #3!!! How exciting!?!??! Im soooo happy! We havent been so close since we 1st got together almost 5years ago!!

I just looked at the calendar here on my computer and I noticed our 3yr wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks!(August 27th) I cant belive we have been married for 3 years!!! In October (the 21st) we will be together for 5years! The longest relationship either of us have ever been in. Im so happy!!! I love Jeff, I love that we have made 2 BEAUTIFUL children and I hope to have many more with him! (hopefully soon we'll have 3 BEAUTIFUL kids!)

Ok, Im going to end my "I love Jeff" post now. I need to go give him a hug!



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