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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jeffery's Day at School

Today I went to Jeffery's school and spent the day with him. I wanted to see how he acted in school and what his teachers thought of him and all. Well the begining of the day he starts off in Ms. Linda's class (special education to get the 1 on 1 time he needs) he goes to breakfast with her then comes back to the room and they work on speech and other stuff. He surprised us all today, she had a strip of paper with 5 apples on it, each had a number, then she had the same thing cut up and asked him to pick out number 1, then number 2, you get the idea...and he was able to do it, I didnt know he recognized numbers. Then she showed me something he did yesterday, they were tracing apples, and he did REALLY good with that!! He barely went off the dotted lines at all! And then they had "circle" time and she had apples, one big one little, and asked Jeffery to point to one, and he did, then said it was "big bapple" lol, he was right, then when it come time for the little apple, he shocked the teacher and said "small babble" when she had been calling it "little", so it showed he knows what it is, and he knows a different word for it! She was just stunned!!

We went back into his Head Start class and he looked at books for a little before lunch time and I went to lunch with him and he was sooooooo good!!! He followed the other kids and did what he was supose to. When we got back to the class it was time to play on the playground....but not after a small activity in the class...where he choose his favorite cereal (Fruit Loops lol). On the playground he got too close to a girl on the swingset and got kicked in the head...he cried for a min but a little girl offered him her swing and wanted to push him...it was cute!!! We went back in and they had a story and then it was naptime...which he refused, since i was there...so we went on home since right after naptime it would be time to go home anyways. I brought him home and put him down for a nap and he was just sooo tuckered out!!

Oh and I spoke with his teacher durring story time and she went over the testing they did with him when school started last month...he scored relativly well...on one part he score HIGH!! It was sort of like word association, like "what do you do when you're thirsty?" he said "drink", and "dark" he said "lights" and when asked about "broken" he said "dont break it" lmao!!! He scored in the 5-6yr range for that portion!! I was so proud!!!

Now he wants Daddy to go to school with him one day...so we'll see...one day he probably will.


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