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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Story of My Due Date

It's complicated!!! My actual due date is June 16th. BUT because I have a thin uterus, we are doing an amniocentisis at 36weeks to check lung maturity. I am having a C-section because I have had 2 previous C-sections. With Jeffery I was in labor for 13hours (induced due to high blood pressure at 37weeks) and no progress was made after 6cm so they said to do a csection, come to find out he was breech. With Jaylin I got pregnant before Jeffery even turned 1yr old, so my body wasnt back to normal yet. I wanted to do a VBAC but my body wouldnt go into labor. So we had another csection, this time they said my uterus was THIN and if i would have went into labor it would have probably ruptured. Even as they were closing me up, they said my uterus began to tear, but they fixed it. I was told by one midwife to "think HARD" before having another baby. When I spoke to the dr who did my surgery she said as long as we're safe and I keep monitored closely I could have another baby. We would just have to do the amnio, and deliver before i have any labor.

Yes, this is scary. If i go into labor, my uterus COULD rupture, not saying it WILL but COULD. But I honestly feel like I'm doing the right thing. I feel right being pregnant again, and so far both me and baby are happy and healthy!! I will be 36weeks on May 19th, somewhere in that week we will have an amnio, and the next day will have the results, if his lungs are mature, the csection would be scheduled within a few days. If the amnio comes back and the lungs arent mature, the csection will be the following week.

I have also spoke with my doctor about more kids in the future. She said she would never tell someone NOT to have another baby, but she will be honest with how serious it could be....but she won't know until we do the csection and she sees my uterus. She give me the option to go ahead and fill out the paperwork to get my tubes tied, and if my uterus looks good when they go in, I can tell them while im on the table to NOT do the procedure. BUT I have a gut feeling to NOT fill out the paperwork. I can always have the procedure done later if I need to, if it's too dangerous to have another baby. I hope not, because I am still young!

I just had to type all that out. I've had a LOT of people asking me my due date, and when i tell them the actual due date, and then the date I could possibly have him, they all ask all kinds of questions....so this should explain it all.


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