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Saturday, April 25, 2009

4weeks to go and I'm freaked out!

We're no where near ready! I'm scared, and ready to lose my mind! I guess my hormones are kicking in, and nesting is here. I'm trying to get our bedroom cleaned for the crib to go in, and our room is a DISASTER! Jeff come in and said he was going to Roger's house to help him do something, I went off on him for leaving me alone to do it all...gotta love these hormones, it went from me yelling at him, to me plopping down on the bed and bawling my eyes out! He was sooooooo confused! He promised me he'd clean the room tonight, and get it all ready and we'd be able to get the crib in as soon as they brought it by whenever that is.

But I guess it was more than that, we don't have everything we need. We still need a playpen with a bassinet in the top, because I'd like to have the baby out in the living room when I'm out there, and it will come in handy when Jeff is on nightshift routine and he's off a night, he lets me sleep and he could keep the baby out there. We still need more clothes, we have a few here and there, but no where near what we need, we still need recieving blankets to swaddle him....both the other kids loved to be swaddled, so im guessing this one will too, we still need bottles, yes i plan to try to breastfeed, but we bottle feed at night because I'm not coordinated enough when I first wake up to get a baby to latch on, we still need a bouncy....those things are a life saver, we DO have a carseat, swing, highchair, and crib...oh yea, we need crib bedding too!!! UGH!! Too much stuff, too little time and money! Jeff just got paid, and we're already down to less than $100 to last us 2 weeks. I can't stop crying, this is rediculous! And I feel like Jeff could care less about anything, he'd rather be outside working on his ugly peice of junk car.

Ok, my rant is over.


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