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Saturday, April 25, 2009

That was CREEPY!

Ok, I hate being alone! And this is why!

I was sitting in the living room watching tv, the kids were napping and Jeff was up the street helping Roger with a fence. Theres a knock at the door, no car in the driveway, so i run and get some pants on and answer it...its a old guy. I walk outside to talk to him and IMMEDIATLEY get a huge wiff of alcohol! The guy talked a mile a minute about turning around to go see his son, and his truck got stuck, i look over and sure enough, his small pickup truck was stuck next to a pole in our yard (its a railroad tie sticking straight up that has a gate attached) I tell him I'll go in and call my husband to help get him out and that he's right up the street. He keeps talking, that he was working late, yada yada, and then he goes "Im going to admit it, ive had a few beers" a FEW?!?!! Not by the way he was smelling! He then tells me he's fine, yada yada....he's scared he dont want to go to jail, if there is damage he'll pay for it, he was pretty much just rambling. So I finally get inside and start calling Jeff and texting him, telling him to call me NOW ASAP! I go out to reassure the guy that I'm trying to get in touch with my husband, cuz this guy was a ball of nerves, he started crying and everything! I didnt want him to go nuts on me or my house. I get back in and Jeff calls...omg I FREAK i told him that him AND Roger needed to get their tails down here NOW, and i told him the guy was creeping me out, and he was stuck and drunk. So about a minute later they come down the road (im sooooo glad Roger lives around the corner...they seriously must have RUN to the car and drove down) Then they get him unstuck and Jeff walks down and told me to call the cops, the guy had a 6pack on the seat and the guy he was claiming to be his son that he was going to see after 4years dont live down the way he was pointing.

So I call 911, tell them a description of the truck (dumb us forgot to get the license plate number) and then the sherriffs office called back a couple of times asking questions about the guy and the truck. I hope they caught him, he was creepy! I told them as soon as a cop walked up to his window when they pulled him over, they would KNOW it was him just by the smell. Not to mention his truck had a nice big dent in the driver side now due to the pole he hit lol.

I should have called 911 the second i knew he was drunk, but i was scared they would get him in our yard and he would know i was the one who called, and whenever he got out he would come looking for us and harm us. The way he was paranoid about going to jail, he must have been busted before.

Just my creepy moment of the day....hopefully of the whole year...I was NOT comfortable with all that at all!


Kristin said...

I hope taht never happens again either! Sheesh!


You should have not opened the door at all!
I would have called the cops asap!
You could have been kidnapped & murdered.
Never Ever do that again!
Someone knocks on your door you don't know......do not answer it!
Thank God you are ok!

Angie Marion said...

that's crazy! glad nothing happened!

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