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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday

Dear Kid Saturdays at Cutest Kid Ever

Dear Jeffery & Jaylin,

I'll start with Jeffery, my first born. You amaze me everyday!
It seems like each and every day you learn something new. Your newest thing is
"I'm going to be tall like daddy" that is your one ambition lately, you tell
everyone you meet! You are only 4, yet you know so much I didn't know a 4yr old
knew, he can SPELL his name, he can WRITE his name (well, except the last E, he
forgets that one lol), he can count to 20, he recognizes all his
letters....although he can't quite recite his ABCs. I'm a proud mommy, and will
always be! You are a good big brother to your sister, and you are looking so
forward to having a baby brother! I know you will love him as much as you love
Jaylin. I love you, you are my little man, and words can't express how proud I
am of you, and how much I love you!

Jaylin, my little princess, you are my baby girl! You are my
cuddle monkey, such a loving child. You are a mommy's girl, and I'm not sure
that will ever change, you have to be at my hip at all times. I love it, you
come in the bedroom and crawl up on the bed with me and lay down and just watch
cartoons with me. You may look like Daddy up and down, but you have my spirit
and attitude, and have come to love monkeys as much as mommy! I love the way you
say "moh-me" for monkey, and carry around a little monkey and point to its body
parts and name them....you are learning so much, and so quick. I love being able
to dress you up, and even though you won't let me play with your hair, I'm sure
one day you will and I'm looking forward to that. I love your little curly hair,
even though we don't know where you get it from lol. I love being able to call
you goldilocks, and I love the smiles and compliments I get for having such a
pretty little girl.

All in all, I have a handsome little man, and a pretty little baby
girl, and soon to be another little boy, we'll see what he turns out to be,
maybe my chubby baby, who knows, I guess we'll find out in May. Jeffery and
Jaylin, I love you, and nothing can ever change that!



Eighty MPH Mom said...

How sweet! Your "babies" sound just wonderful and very, very special!

Kristin said...

I can't do these every week. I'm a mess. Jackie that was so sweet!

I feel like I know so much more about you, and them!


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