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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time's change....Jeffery's T-ball game

Ok, times have changed a LOT. I played T-ball when I was Jeffery's age....which was 20years ago! If I knew it had changed this much, I can honestly say I doubt I would have paid for him to play tball this way. He did have some fun today, and I had fun laughing at him.

Let's start off with why I'm irritated, then we'll get to the funny part. There is no scoring, no outs, no strikes (ok, that one is hard to do since there is a tee sometimes), and they "pitch" 5 balls before putting the tee up! I'm sorry, but what is the point of playing if there is no goal to reach for? I know, have fun right? They're just 4 & 5 right? STILL!!!!! Jeffery understands winning, and how to be a good winner, and not brag about it, he also knows if he loses it's not the end of the world! Today, allllllll the kids on the team got to bat before switching....yep thats 10-12kids! Why not break it up into innings?????? Jeffery's team was the 1st in the field...they got the 3 outs...or so I thought, but they kept going and going and going....until the last batter and all the kids left on bases ran around the rest of the bases (so pretty much it was simulating the last batter had a home run) Then we had to do it all over again when Jeffery's team was up to bat.....TIME CONSUMING!!! The game started a little after 10am, and it didn't end until a little before noon, and do you know how many "innings" we played???? 2!!!! Yep, ONLY 2! Everytime a kid hit, the kid who got the ball was instructed to throw it to 1st....thats IT!!! Just 1 little play, no trying to throw it to 2nd or 3rd if there was a runner going that way, or to throw it to home plate to keep one from scoring...nope...THROW IT TO 1ST!!!! Jeffery was sooooooo bored! Cuz when we practice, we practice the REAL way! And of course they put him in the outfield where no balls got hit, he had no action....he was BORED (funny story coming up about how bored he was lol) I can honestly say, if I hadn't paid for him to play in the league....I would have pulled him out 1st inning, I wouldn't have wasted my time. I hate that there are whiney people who don't like to lose, or don't want their kid to "feel like a loser" if they lose a game.....TEACH THEM the proper way to lose, and that its NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!! How your kid reacts to winning or losing, is the result of PARENTING!

Ok, now for the funny part! There was a whole opening ceremony this morning for the 1st games and all that fun jazz, this is where EVERY child of EVERY team is called individually to line up on the field, they did the older kids 1st, then ended with the tballers....I watched Jeffery as he ran up, and my child was the ONLY kid (big or small) that had his baseball team hat on BACKWARDS!! He was a little thug!! His coach tried to get him to turn it around and he refused lol. I think I saw him with his forward facing, once or twice maybe. It was just cute! THEN like I said before, Jeffery was put in the outfield (behind 2nd base), I watched him (and will be posting pics later) and he started throwing his glove up in the air to try to catch it, one of his coaches was right beside him and he listened to her once in awhile. But I look away, then look back and he had taken his hat off, taken his glove off and went way out in the outfield and started picking flowers (dandelions) Leave it to my kid to end up picking flowers at a baseball game! lmao. Now, lets get to his last turn at bat (1st wasn't interesting other than him refusing to drop his bat for a little bit, but a couple of kids did that) he finally hit the ball (took a couple tries even off the tee) and he took off to 1st, on his way there the ball ended up close to 1st so he stops, and runs over and KICKS the baseball away from everyone into center field!!! EVERYONE busted out laughing, cuz he kicked it then went right on to 1st base where the base coach proceeded to give him a high 5 as she did with all runners. I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing so hard at him!!!! He also tried to get the ball as he ran to 2nd too!!

All in all, he was pretty bored most of the game, but he was out of the house and around other kids...so I guess it was an ok day. But being gone from 8am til almost noon with 2 kids bout killed me!!!


Tia said...

That's great! lol The first time my oldest son played, when he got up to bat and finally hit the ball, he ran all the plates as if he hit a homerun! It was hilarious!

Kristin said...

I totally know what you mean! They shouldn't keep score but come on not every child can win all the time. If you don't let them earn they learn to be poor sports!

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