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Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Dr Appt.

Just got home a little bit ago, had a early morning appt. Baby is well....ACTIVE! I was laying on the table with my shirt already up for her to measure me and we were just talking, and suddenly she looks at my belly with WIDE eyes and goes "omg he IS active isnt he?" She saw my belly move quite a bit this morning.

His hb is 140s, average for him. She asked me again about getting my tubes tied, i told her im uncomfortable getting my tubes tied because so many women tell me they regret it....and I don't want to do something I'll regret, plus we're not sure we're done at 3....I told her the ONLY reason I'd get my tubes tied would be if it would be life threatening to me to have another baby, because after all, I have 3 other kids to think about....she completely understood and was soooo nice about it. She said they can tell me when they cut me open what my uterus looks like, and I can decide then (i think....i dunno that was a bit confusing, cuz there is paperwork id have to fill out, unless i fill it out before, and can tell them NOT to do it...i dunno) I asked about the Ring, which is 1 a month, easy to remember, not daily like the pill, and I was paranoid with the IUD....so she said the Ring is just as effective as all the other bc.

Sooooo Amnio is set for May 20th...I asked HOW NECCESSARY that was, and she was certain it was neccessary, she said that its ONLY for lung maturity, not for chromosonal problems or anything...and if i happen to go into labor right then, then they'll just do my csection right then. Said there is some cramping afterwards, but I'll be up in L&D for a bit afterwards being monitored. She said I could refuse to get it done, but she's worried about lung maturity, she dont want the baby to come out and have issues breathing...I can understand that, I dont want my baby to have any problems.

So, tomorrow I'll be 33weeks! EEK! 3 1/2 weeks and I'll have little Jaxon in my arms!!!

Oh, and I found out I've only gained 27lbs this pregnancy! I lost a bit of weight in the begining! Im shocked, cuz I look like a whale!

My next appt is in 2 weeks. May 11.


taysmommy said...

yay babay!

pssst you won an award over at my blog!

Kristin said...

Sounds like everything is going well. I heard the amnio isn't that bad. Then again I've never had one. Don't trust me. LOL

Kai's birthday is May 25th!

Kristin said...

Ok I got your baby banner! we'll cross promote during the baby shower that weeek. woot!

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