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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ultrasound was Today

And it went well!! It was to checkup on the fluid on his kidneys that they saw at the 19week u/s. The fluid on the left kidney is gone, and the right kidney has a little tiny amount, but she said it's nothing to worry about. The fact that it dissapeared off the left kidney makes me belive it will dissapear off the right one also.

They did measurements too! He apparently has a big head (like daddy). According to the measurements he is 4lbs 13oz already! He's measureing 1 1/2weeks ahead of schedule! But thats no big deal since he will be born almost 4weeks early! (remember May 22nd!!!) He is also transverse. His butt is on my left hip, and his head, feet and hands are on my right hip (yes FEET too!) She couldnt get a good pic of his face because of his feet and hands in the way, but she did get a picture of his feet. His heartbeat was 145, which is average for him.

I also got my blood sugars checked today. They were fine, they were thinking my sugars were up and that was why I was so thirsty. I guess the baby just likes to drink a lot!

All in all, everyone is happy and healthy!! Which is great news!! Now the countdown is on....4weeks to go!


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Yay for only four more weeks! And congratulations on the good news about the kidneys. That must be a relief =)

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