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Monday, April 20, 2009

Vincent Shoes (review)

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!! I am a shoe freak when it comes to Jaylin! I love her having a different pair of shoes for almost every outfit! Now the weather is getting warmer and Jaylin needed a pair of sandals for Summer. I found Vincent Shoes their shoes are super cute! Of course, I wouldn't put anything ugly on my little princess!!!

Jaylin got a pair of these cute little sandals in the purple/pink. These are the Rasmus sandals, I LOVE them! Jaylin looks precious in them! She loves them too, when I tell her to go get her purple shoes, she knows exactly which ones to get!

When buying a pair of Vincent Shoes, you MUST check out the shoe size chart, which is a printable size chart....cut off the bottom, and hold each foot up against it (has a litttle curve at the bottom to show you where the heel goes) and if each foot is different, use the bigger foot as the size you order. I actually ordered a size or 2 bigger, so I know she won't grow out of them before Summer is over..but that's just me, I know a lot of parents don't like to do that because of blisters or something....but it's how I've always bought shoes. The size chart is great, I never know what size to buy without having to try on a million different shoes to make sure I have the right size on her!


Andrea said...

Those shoes are adorable! I love how they have the size chart. I'm always so worried when I order shoes online that they won't fit. It's cool to know I can use the chart for the right fit.

Melinda said...

these shoes are GREAT. My son loves his and wants to wear them all the time.
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Carlee said...

Cute and cozy summer shoes for kids. I love vincent collection!!

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