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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We have a TIME!!

I got a letter in the mail today informing me of my csection date and time. I already knew the date, but now it's even more REAL, theres a EXACT time! I am to be at the hospital at 10:50am on May 22nd. My csection will be performed at 12:50pm. Can I officially freak out now? Its fine to have a due date, its fine to have an IDEA of when your baby is coming...but now I KNOW when my baby will be here...no later than May 22nd!! It's set, its scheduled....O....M....G!

Jaxon will be here in about 3weeks! Do you know what...we don't have the crib up yet! I have allllll this monkey stuff for him, monkey blanket, monkey outfits, the Fisher Price Jungle theme swing and highchair! Shoot, there is even a plaque on the wall I have already personalized with "Jaxon" on it and it has a monkey on it! YES I love monkeys, and Jaxon's whole theme is monkeys/jungle! I posted on the mommy board I'm a member of how stressed I am, and one sweet woman asked for my mailing address and went shopping at Babies R Us online and sent me a care package! It had a pack of newborn diapers, a pack of pacifiers, a pack of bottles, and a pack of recieving blankets (something we haven't gotten any of yet, until now THANK you La!)

It's scary, we still need a lot, not sure what all exactly, but I KNOW we aren't fully ready for him to get here. I would like to have a bouncy seat by the time he gets here, or shortly after, I remember them being such a lifesaver! We also need a playpen, Jeff works nightshift so when he's off on that schedule, he'll keep the baby out in the living room with him so I can sleep, so the playpen is NEEDED. Money is tight, and we're struggling to pay bills, so I don't know how we're going to get some of this stuff, but I know we'll find a way....we always do!

Jeffery is getting so excited to meet his new baby brother! He talks about his baby brother all the time, and he knows that I can't bend over because of his brother in my belly. Jaylin still isnt too happy about it. She loves babies, but I don't think she's going to like Mommy having a baby all the time. I've taken her down the street to a neighbor's house who has a newborn and she's ok with me holding the baby, but she sort of got jelous after awhile, but I was able to manage to hold both of them on my lap. I can do this!


Kristin said...

Oh My Gosh! I am so excited to meet Jaxon!

Crystal P said...

Yay! Congrats :-)

Relax though haha things will fall into place, that panic is all part of the nesting!

Take good care of you and the bebe

Angie Marion said...

way cool! everything will be alright, don't stress!

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