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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Dipper (review/giveaway)

Ok, I know Jaxon won't be needing a bowl and spoon for a few months after he's born...but never too early to start stocking up right? Baby Dipper has the most perfect spoon and bowl combination sets EVER!

The interior of the bowl is slanted, so it makes puree baby food go down into the bottom corner, to make it easier to scoop up with the spoon....which by the way, fits PERFECTLY into that corner. This way, you make sure to get all of the baby food! The spoon is made so it won't fall into the bowl...something I wish I would have had when Jeffery and Jaylin were babies...do you know how many spoons I had to dig out of the baby food in the bowl when I sat it down to clean up a little mess or something!?!?!?

The bottom of the Baby Dipper is made of rubber...so just set the bowl on the table/highchair tray and you can use one hand to feed and have the other hand free (for a towel maybe?? lol) The Baby Dipper isn't just for babies....it helps toddlers learn to self feed! The rubber bottom holds the bowl in place while they get used to scooping up food, the bowl also kind of guides the spoon and the food together to make it easier to get on the spoon.

***Giveaway has Ended***
Now...Baby Dipper is giving one of my lucky readers a bowl and spoon set! To enter, visit Baby Dipper's site, then come back and tell me the messiest food you have fed your baby!

This is the 1st time I've used a form for entry method...so if there is any problems please email me at monkey_mayhem@comcast.net to let me know, I'll be sure to fix it asap! Lets cross fingers this works....it seems a lot easier and faster!

Giveaway will HOPEFULLY end on May 27th...remember...baby due soon! I will choose a winner ON or AFTER the 27th...be patient!

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