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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm an Honest Person

My aunt (the one who's like my mom!) took me to eat this evening, a late birthday gift. She took me and Jaylin to Texas Roadhouse....yum seriously my FAVORITE thing to eat STEAK! We were having a nice girls evening out, Jeff kept Jeffery and it was just the 3 of us.

My aunt and I ordered the same thing, 6oz Sirloin cut, medium well done....she got a sweet potato and a salad, and I got 2 orders of fries, Jaylin got a hotdog and green beans. Well, everything was going great, this was the 1st time I've ever ate there. The rolls were DELISH, and Jaylins food come 1st, I can see why, she's little, needed something to occupy her time, I liked that! Andy's salad come next....I sat there and ate out of the bucket of peanuts (had to shell them myself, was fun and killed some time too!)

When our steaks got there, they looked soooooooo good! This is where it gets bad....I cut my steak and it was WELL DONE....not how I ordered it...when the waitress come back, I made sure to let her know! Then Andy cut into hers....it too was well done! The waitress asked if she wanted us to take them back to put fresh ones on the grill...I told her I was HUNGRY and wanted to eat now, not wait for another steak to be grilled up. (I'm pregnant, give me a break!!) Andy said the same....so the waitress went and told her manager! Halfway through my steak the manager come to our table! She said she was notified our steaks weren't how we ordered...I told her the situation (I ordered medium well, and they were well done...but too hungry to wait for more steaks) sooooooo she offered to take some off our bill!!! AWESOME!

In the end, when we got the bill, she took $12 total off the bill!!! I didn't expect them to take that much off, but it impressed me! The steak was good, even well-done...a little tough, but tasted good. The fries were awesome, Jaylin tore up her hotdog, so apparently that was good, she ate some of her greenbeans...she was a good eater today! The service was awesome, I barely got to the bottom of my drink before she brought another. I will definatly go back when we have money...they ARE a little pricey!

There is something to say about being honest....I like to be able to tell people how it is...that's just how I am, in person, and online! I like to let them know the steaks werent cooked, so they can tell their chef to get it together! I've done it plenty of times at other resturaunts, I'm sure there are a few that hate to see me walk in the door, because I tell them how it is, but still go back because overall the service is good, and most of the time food is good. So if you or anyone ever asks me for my opinion...know this...you WILL get the truth! Sometimes I try to make it easy, and soften the blow....but you can catch me in a mood where I'm blunt and to the point....dont be surprised! It's just how I am.


kristin said...

love ya! ;)

Angie Marion said...

honesty IS always the best policy! Glad they hooked you up! I hate when my order is wrong too and I WILL tell someone! QUICK!

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