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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baggino (review)

One can never have too many diaper bags! Baggino has created a unique diaper bag....I have honestly never seen anything like this diaper bag. The Baggino diaper bag looks like a regular messenger bag....but don't let it fool ya!

I will be honest, when I first opened up the Baggino bag, I was overwhelmed with all the pockets, and it *seemed* complicated. It took me a good while of playing around with it to get used to it and figure out how everything goes, and all that fun stuff. I have grown to love this diaper bag!
First, the Baggino is just like a diaper bag, has a compartment for EVERYTHING you could need, and it's all organized! There is a removable pouch on the strap for something like a cell phone or mp3 player, 5 interior pouches, 2 side pockets, baby wipes case, a changing pad, and a key clip. THEN, when you open the Baggino flap, you can get the waist strap and put it around your waist for a baby changing belt! No more need to put the diaper bag on the nasty floor of a bathroom, plus everything is right within reach! How many diaper bags have you seen that do that??? Then, as if the diaper changing belt isnt enough....the diaper bag turns into a stroller bag! I expect to get a LOT of use out of my Baggino Bag! Below is the instructions from Baggino's site of how to change it from a diaper bag, to a changing belt!

Baggino comes in 3 color combinations, classic black, lime green, and black with lime green flap. I got the lime green one (pictured 1st) and I like it!I like bright colors! This is the classic black opened, you can see the changing pad how it rolls up, and you never know its there under the flap when it's closed. See how everything can be so organized with all those great pockets??

I can't wait til Jaxon comes and I pack this bag up so we can take family walks, and I can just hook this up on the stroller! All my other diaper bags I would have to carry on my shoulder to take anywhere!


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