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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eden Fantasys (**ADULT CONTENT**)

***Please be advised, this post has adult content***

Eden Fantasys is a online store for adults. I recently received the Jack Rabbit. I have never owned a sexual toy before, so this was all new to me. Eden Fantasys' site was awesome, when you click on something you are interested in, there are customer reviews to check out to make sure it's something you would like. Also, there is a button to see actual size on your screen, that way you know exactly what you are getting.

As for my Jack Rabbit, I like it. For my first "toy" I think I made a good choice. It's very well made, and very easy to clean. It's good for when Jeff and I aren't on the same "sex schedule", like when he's on night shift and he has to sleep all day and work all night, for 2 weeks we hardly see eachother....and come on, a girl has needs...especially a hormonal pregnant woman (for some reason pregnancy gives me more "urges") give me a break lol. The Jack Rabbit is also good for us together, it has brought us closer, we are a very open couple with our sexual needs and other stuff like that.

Eden Fantasys don't just have adult toys for women, they have toys for men, couples, also fetish stuff, lingerie plus much more.


jessica said...

girl i now how you feel, my husband is on night shift all the time. does it work? let me now!!!

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