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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm HOME!!!

What a LONG day!!!! Got to the hospital late, it was after 9am when we got there, then they told us they MIGHT not be able to do it....then they could....went back and had the ultrasound to check for pockets of fluid....it was a new machine. The dr come in and wasnt happy with the machine, so he went out and was practicing on a "water bath" and he didnt feel safe doing it on me. so they had to change to an old ultrasound machine, then prep everything, find the right size needles, then find a good pocket of fluid...seriously i got back into the room a little after 930am and they said they had to have it to the lab by 11am or no one would be able to take it to test or something i dunno....at 1055am they had the fluid FINALLY! Every good size pocket of fluid had cord in it! He found a small pocket and worked with that...i was TERRIFIED!

There was a student in there who had never seen an amnio done so she held my hand, i had another hand over my head and grabbing the pillow for dear life. The dr told me he wasnt going to use the lidocane (sp?) because Jaxon was so active he was afraid he'd move and have to numb another part of my belly and they'd never get it done in time....so i just had straight needle....which honestly....DIDNT hurt bad! Felt like a regular shot! Shoot, id rather get another amnio than putting an IV in! It was quick and simple, and got it done!

I'll know results Thursday sometime or Friday morning. i was on the monitors for about 2 hours total, would have only been 1 but i was cramping a little. When they released me the nurse said my csection was scheduled for NEXT friday, they RESCHEDULED for NEXT friday because they thought i was a noshow for the amino, i had to call and get that straight, now instead of 1250pm it's 1230pm for surgery. But thats fine with me!!!

When they released me, it was close to 2pm and I was afraid we wouldn't make it home in time to get Jeffery, so I called my dad, who works in the same city and got off work at 230pm, he agreed to come pick me up so Jeff could go ahead and leave. So while I waited for him, I went to the hospital boutique (on the labor & delivery floor, have nursing stuff, baby stuff, ect) and I finally got a BRA!!!! When dad picked me up, we drove past KFC and he knew I had been at the hospital all day and asked if I was hungry...which I WAS! So he bought me some chicken! He's awesome. He said he knew I had to be hungry, and plus he had to be hungry too lol. We had a nice sit down meal in KFC and joked and had a good time!

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