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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glad to Be Home!

I got home today!! Yay! I think my dr didn't want another call at midnight from a nurse telling her I'm crying and can't sleep cuz I miss my kids and husband and just want to go home. (yea, thats what happened last night lol)

Thank you Ryann for posting his first picture for me! Now, for your enjoyment....MORE Jaxon pictures!!!!

Photobucket There are volunteers that knit hats, and they put a camo one on Jaxon...he matched his big brother who happened to be wearing camo that day!

PhotobucketJaxon in his coming home outfit! It's a Newborn size and its still a bit big on him!!!
Photobucket PROUD big brother Jeffery...he loves Jaxon to death!!!
Photobucket Mr Jaxon himself!
PhotobucketLook at how long my boy is!!

We're having some issues with breastfeeding, but working on it! He now weighs 6lbs 10oz, so he lost a little, which is completely normal.

Now, I'm off to relax with my newborn for a bit while Jeff entertains Jeffery and Jaylin naps.


Anonymous said...

He is going to be a charmer that's for sure. So glad you are both home safe and sound.

Jammie said...

congrats on the new bundle of joy he is adorable.

Stacey Moore said...

he's cutie! congrats!

Andrea Proulx said...

He is soooooo gorgeous!! I want to hold him, squeeze him, and love him!

Michelle said...

Awww he's adorable gurl

Angie Marion said...

Congrats girl! thanks for sharing the pics with us!

Ann said...

Congratulations!!! He is absolutely adorable! Make sure you rest enough!

collyn23 said...

so cute i love it I miss my kids being that little congrats and get well soon

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