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Bear With Me

I'm working and working on reviews and giveaways that need done. I have a lot of stuff going on at home with the kids' and their school with meetings. Please be patient and know that I'm not gone. Please keep checking back for new stuff!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Going to Get Checked

My foot is swollen up BAD, its so tight I cant even push in near my ankle. It's only my left foot, my right one is fine, it started on Thursday, and I called my Dr on Friday since it wasnt getting better with rest. I've done all they told me to do, drink water, prop feet up, keep track of kick counts, and lower my sodium intake.....still not better. Now today I'm cramping, and my foot is tingling....with my water increase I've went to the bathroom LESS! So I'm worried. I'll update as soon as I can, or Ryann will get on and update for me if need be.

Keep me in your thoughts!!!

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