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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guest Blogger

While I am in the hospital having Jaxon, I have decided to give someone else permission to blog my updates here for me. Ryann over at A Working Blogging Mommy is going to post updates for me. She has picture texting and has agreed to upload the 1st pictures of baby Jaxon for all to see! I'll make sure to text her all the updates, stats and so forth on both myself and Jaxon while I'm in the hospital. If I go in tomorow, I won't be out til at LEAST Monday, possibly Tuesday.

So, thank you Ryann for helping me! And I'll try to write up some posts tonight to schedule so it won't be empty around here lol.

Wish me luck!


taysmommy said...

Of course love! I can't wait for Jaxon do get here and I know everyone will be very anxious to see him and hear all about him!

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