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Friday, May 8, 2009

Kiddo Funnies!

Lately Jeffery has been sooooo full of funnies! Which is great in 2 ways....it means his speech is coming along EXCELENT, and it means he has a great funny personality!

Funny story #1:

The other day I was in the kitchen fixing something for us to eat and Jeffery was in the living room, so I fussed at him for something and I called him by his full name....Jeffery Amos....and then he looked at me and goes "Mommy Amos" with a straight face fussing back at me! I had to fight soooo hard NOT to laugh and to continue to discipline him.

Funny story #2:

This morning I got up to help Jeff get Jeffery ready for school (I seem to be the only one who can match clothes for the boy lol) and it come time for his shoes, I told Jeff he'd have to get the shoes because they were between his bed and wall...so Jeffery looks at Jeff and goes "mommy can't bend over" so Jeff asked him why and his response "because she has a baby in her tummy" so then Jeff said ok, then YOU go get your shoes, Jeffery goes "I can't bend over....I have a baby in my tummy" it was too cute! So Jeff told him he's a boy and dont have a baby in his belly, it broke Jeffery's heart and he started to cry!! Jeff ended up getting his shoes lol.

Funny story #3:

The other day I was loading Jeffery up to go somewhere and I put him in and shut his door and got in myself, then suddenly he goes "MOMMY! You didn't buckle me....the cops are going to take me to jail!" He's such a cutie!

Share some of your funny kiddo stories with me!!!!


quelleheure4 said...

Awwww...he cried because he didn't have a baby in his belly.... that's sweet.

Michelle said...

Yesterday I went to a baby shower and my son's shorts were falling down but that didn't stop him from playing.He didn't care.It was so cute.
He kept pulling them up,then I took him inside and changed his shorts to a pair that will fit.

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