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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pediped (review)

Every baby needs a nice pair of shoes, and Jaxon is no different! Pediped has come to my rescue with adorable shoes!!! I just got a pair of Ethan shoes (pictured left) and they are precious! The Ethan shoes are from Pediped's Original Collection. Pediped shoes are soft soled for babies so their feet can flex. Pediped are recomended by podiatrists (foot doctor lol) The shoes are so soft and flexible, as if the baby were barefoot, or just with socks on! I love how these shoes cater to a growing baby's foot!

I like how Pediped's shoes aren't "baby" looking, they look like miniature adult shoes! These Ethan shoes are going to be great for going to special events (church, weddings, ceremonies, ect) and they can also be for casual wear!

I mentioned earlier that the Ethan shoes for Jaxon are Pediped Originals....Originals are for babies, ages 0-2years old, they are soft soled for the crawling around, learning to walk, ect. Pediped also makes Flex shoes which have a rubber sole for ages 1-5 years old.


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