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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our surprise!

We knew my cat Cookie was pregnant, and I've been watching for her to have them, apparently she's had a litter and let them die. The other night I opened the front door before locking up for the night I saw she was super skinny! I went out and started looking and listening for kittens! I was so depressed when I couldnt find any. Well the next day I let Jeff know about it and to keep an eye and ear out for them while he was outside. Well he was over near Pookie's (our dog) doghouse and heard a little sound, he went over and there was a kitten crying and crawling out of the dog house! He brought it in for me to see and I freaked out!!! He left the kitten with me and I made him go tear out all the blankets out of the dog house, he found 2 more kittens!!!

We have a 2 grey and white ones like their mama, and 1 all black kitten. When I saw the black one I fell in love...Jeff said I can keep it!!! We put the kittens in an old dog bed and showed Cookie where her kittens were and loved up on her while she was nursing...she was being a good mom.

This is a good pic of them right after we found them....aren't they adorable!?!??! They still have part of their umbilical cord attached! I love them, we pick them up everyday to weigh them to make sure they are gaining weight properly and such....I've heard all the rumors if you pick them up the mom wont take care of them, well that is a rumor...Cookie watches us while we handle her babies and she is fine, she takes them right back and gives them a quick bath and goes back to normal.

This shows you how tiny they really are. All 3 of them can fit in the palm of Jeff's hand. You can see the grey and white kittens look identical in the face, but their markings on their back is way different.
Now....I need a name for my black little kitten!! I think he/she has tiny little white spots on the chest, but not much. Any ideas??


Anonymous said...

Lucky is always a great, ironic name for a black cat :)
We named our black cat Spooky. Sorry, we're not very creative at my house, are we?!
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Andrea Proulx said...

My black cat is named Bagheera which is the name of the Black Panther from the Jungle Book. We always pick on him that he has such a (non) Panther growl.

Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy said...

Too cute! We just got a Bengal kitten (we named him Leo, I'll have pics up this week, he's now 10 weeks old) on Friday, we'd been awaiting his arrival since he was 12 days old!

Good ideas for names.. maybe Shadow?

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!!

I don't really have any good ideas for cat names. I like to get to know a pet's personality before I name them, but my husband has always liked Cinder for a black female cat. Our last black female cat was named Desdemona, after the white woman in Shakespeare's Othello. We were going for irony with that one, but no one got it lol. Good luck picking a name!

Angie Marion said...

Ooh! I love kitties! send me one?! please?

Good kitty cat names? hmmm... is it a boy or a girl? How about Cocoa? that would be cute!

Stop by for my cool giveaways going on!

Kristin said...

they are so sweet!

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