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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Small Town Stories (again)

I've posted in the past how much I love the town I live in. I grew up here, my dad grew up here, my grandparents grew up here, and I plan to raise my kids here forever! It's a little town called Shenandoah, yes, thats a popular name but no one knows about this little town it seems. I'm glad in a way, we have less than 3,000 residents, 3 small gas stations, just got a McDonalds a little while back, we only have 1 tiny stoplight in town....and our county is JUST NOW getting middle schools! (elementary was k-7 and high school was 8-12) Well the following is 2 stories that have just made me realize how much I really do love my town!

I just had to call our dr office (both kids and myself are seen there) and I spoke with the nurse and we're on a 1st name basis. I let her know who I was, and reminded her that Jaylin was just seen for her allergies last week, she of course remembered, then I let her know that the Claritin wasn't working....so without even looking for her chart she remembered the insurance, and asked if it didn't cover something else, I'm not going to bore you with all that. I just love the fact that just by calling, telling her my 1st name, and my childs name she knew exactly what was going on and what medicine she needed to be on. So we hung up and she went to talk to the nurse practioner that we normally see and within about 20min she called me back asking which pharmacy to call it into! The old dr office we went to years ago (in the city about a half hour away), I would have been transfered to a nurse or told a nurse would call me back, then put on hold to get the chart, then take notes of the complaint, then possibly put me on hold again to talk to a dr, or tell me they'd call back after speaking with a dr...could take all day to get one simple thing done!

Ok, another story with the dr office. Jaylin has been my sick child, ear infections, sinus infections, and now allergies. So the dr office is very familiar with her surgeries and such. Well one time I had to take Jeffery in for something or another (can't remember exactly what right now lol) and Jaylin happen to be at home with Daddy. When we got back to the room the nurse doing the vitals asked how Jaylin was, asked when her surgery was going to be or how it had went or something, and all this while treating Jeffery....oh and they also were asking about my pregnancy! Well the dr come in, and AGAIN she asked about Jaylin, and my pregnancy, all while treating Jeffery. Then going out....I got asked again how Jaylin was and how much longer I had to go! It made me feel good to know that this office has a TON of patients and they still personally know me and my family!

Last story for the day now. We have a small grocery store....it's overpriced, but I go there sometimes to get a few things. Well I love going there, because when I too much for me to carry, they usually have bag boys (or men lol) that will actually CARRY the groceries out, or push the cart out for you. Don't ask for a tip or anything, they bag the groceries, put them in the cart or carry them out and put them in your vehicle for you. I love it! These guys do it rain, snow or shine, they take your bags out for you if you need it, and with me being pregnant, I sometimes need the help lol.

Ok, thats enough praising my town for the day! I hope you enjoyed my stories.


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