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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today Got Better!

Jeff got home! He walked in the door, and I ran off to the bedroom to relax a bit. I played a little bit of a computer game and then got dressed and went off to my dads. I got there a little before 8pm, and didnt leave til almost 10!!! We talk, and talk, and talk! He bought me BBQ Chicken earlier today and I had to go get it, so I decided to eat it there and chit chat. We talked about EVERYTHING, politics, the baby, photography (one of our common interests!), this blog, and in the end....SPARKS in a tree outside!

Really, I need to tell this story! I walked outside to leave, and Dad followed me to watch the lightning....suddenly we see lights in a tree across the street. He thought it was lightning bugs, I thought we were seeing through the tree and it was 2 airplanes....we were both wrong after 10min of looking. The tree was rubbing against a powerline and it was sparking! We stood there for about 20min or so watching it spark when the wind blew the tree into the line...not HUGE sparks, just enough to give a little bit of light off. Dad is going to go out tomorow when it's daylight and use his zoom for his DSLR and see if he sees any damage to the line or if its just something odd. Seriously...it was the strangest thing I've seen!

I like it, I go over and we just randomly talk...he has to be lonely sometimes, he's the only person living in that house. I am his only child...and I'll admit, I was slightly spoiled growing up lol...but I AM a Daddy's girl all the way!

Oh and the BBQ Chicken was AWESOME!!!!


Angie Marion said...

Glad your day got better! That's odd about the tree huh?

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