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Monday, May 18, 2009

Crib is UP!!!

We're officially READY for Jaxon to come! I went and picked up the crib this evening! Thanks to Jeffery's best friend's parents, they give us the crib! I love the color of it, a beautiful cherry color, almost matches our bedroom furniture.
Like the bedding? I do!! A HUGE HUGE thank you to Kenneth Brown for the bedding. I love that the bedding isn't completely babyish, but it IS fun (what's not fun about monkeys? lol) I like that it will go perfect in our bedroom and not make it look childish, we still have our ADULT bedroom. See those 2 little cut monkeys? There is 1 on the comforter and 1 on the bumper (which by the way is reversible) they are velvety (not sure if that is a word...but it is now lol). Kenneth Brown gets a HUGE thumbs up from me for their adorable baby bedding! Interested in buying Kenneth Brown bedding? Check out Babies R Us! They also sell acessories too, such as a mobiles, blankets, ect.
You can't see the mattress because of the crib sheet...but under that cute bedding is a Naturepedic No-Compromise organic crib mattress. This crib mattress has a TON of cool stuff about it, not only is it organic outside (organic cotton waterproof cover) and inside (organic cotton filling), it has duel firmness, one side for baby (extra firm) and one side for toddler (softer) because if you own a toddler bed, you know its the same size mattress as a crib (Jeffery and Jaylin still sleep on their old crib mattresses in their toddler beds....so mattresses get a LOT of use in this house!) I didn't pay much attention til I was reading Naturepedic's site, that this mattress is SQUARE, and then I went and looked at Jaylin's mattress (both kiddos have the same brand) and it has rounded corners...never noticed that, but the squareness of the Naturepedic mattress makes it fit more snug...which is safer! From Naturepedic's site itself:
"The No-Compromise™ Dual Firmness Ultra is simply the cleanest and healthiest
crib mattress available. It is waterproof, firm and eliminates potentially
harmful chemicals from your child’s crib. It will provide your child with a more
natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment."
So THANK YOU Naturepedic for the safe comfy crib mattress! It will be used for years (trust me, Jeffery is 4yrs old and still using his old crib mattress!)
So, Jaxon can come home now and have a cute, comfortable place to sleep!


Andrea Proulx said...

Oh, the bedding and crib are made for eachother!! Kenneth Brown makes the most beautiful baby designs. I'm so glad you have it set up!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I'm glad everything is set up now and we can swoon over that crib and bedding!! What a relief for you to have it done. Jaxton surely will sleep well in that crib!!

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