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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diaper Dekor (review/giveaway)

I have found a nursery MUST HAVE! The Diaper Dekor! This simple, elegant diaper pail is GREAT for any and every nursery! When I had Jeffery and Jaylin we bought the offbrand diaper pails and the smell came through them horrible! So far, in the week we've been using it, the Dekor Plus hasn't leaked any smell from Jaxon's diapers, and that is a huge plus since his "nursery" is in our bedroom. The rubber sealed trap door on the inside of the Diaper Dekor keeps smell in!
It's easy to use too, just step on the pedal and the top lifts, then put the diaper through the trap door and you are done! We've been using it for a week and are just now getting ready to empty it for the first time! The refils are easy to use too, just put it in, pull down, and tie a knot at the bottom of the bag and it's ready to use! To empty, just pull the bag out from the bottom and it has a little cutter on the door to cut the bag off, tie it up and throw it out, and tie a knot at the bottom of the new end.
Diaper Dekor comes in 3 sizes, Dekor holds 30 diapers, Dekor Plus (the one I have, and the one pictured here)holds 40 diapers, and Dekor XL holds 50 diapers. A box of refils has a LOT of capacity, for mine it's 670 diapers per BOX! Thats AWESOME!!! I won't have to go out and buy refills every other week now!
Diaper Dekor and refills are available at multiple stores! Check out where to find one close to you by clicking HERE.
**Giveaway has ended**
Diaper Dekor would like to giveaway a Dekor Plus and a 2pack refill! To enter visit Diaper Dekor's site, browse around then come back here and tell me a fact about the Dekor, or the refills in the form below.

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