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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Out! (review)

Most of you know I have a hard time with Jeffery and his behavior, mostly having a hard time keeping him in time-out when he does something bad. Welllllll I found something that will keep him sitting down, it's the Time Out Pad!

The Time Out Pad has it's own timer, and colored lights so the child knows where in the timout he/she is! Red is for durring the timeout (set the timer for up to 5min), yellow means there is 30 seconds left, and green is when it's done, even plays some music when it turns green.

What I like the best, is the pad has a sensor in it, an alarm goes off when the child gets up! Jeffery learned real quick about the alarm, he thought he could be sneaky and get up....NOT! This is the only time-out thing we've tried and has WORKED!!! He knows to sit there until the music sounds, and then we go over and talk to him.

Both Jeff and I have come to LOVE the Time Out Pad in this house, I've even used it for Jaylin here and there, although she's not sure about the whole time-out deal yet.


Tiaras & Tantrums said...

oh now - this I love - we use a naughty chair and I hear 12 times - can I get up can I get up!!

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