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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Bath at Home!

Yea, he's been home a week and we just now give him a bath...come on, he just lays around, he dont get dirty lol. Don't worry, I do wipe him down daily to get the spitup off and clean around his neck from spit out milk.

Welllll, he don't like baths....granted this was only a sponge bath, he screamed the entire time! I washed his hair and now it's all fuzzy and cute! He's laying here beside me now wide eyed and just looking around as calm as could be. When I was drying him off I noticed his belly and chest were even more dry than before, so I brought him in and layed him on the bed then slathered him down with baby lotion, he smells soooooooooooo good now!! Trust me, I'm not one to use lotion a lot, but omg, he's soooooo soft and smells awesome, I could just lay here and smell him all night! (YES I'm odd lol)

Awww, and as I type this, he is dozing off. Nothing like a sweet calm dozing baby at your side to make everything alright! Which leads me to a sweet story about Jeff! Tonight we were laying in bed watching some DVRed shows and Jaxon started crying, I went to get up and Jeff JUMPED out of bed and ran to the crib before I even got halfway off the bed! He said he "hasn't held him in a few days" awwwwww!! Then he realized Jaxon's onsie was soaked with pee....so he layed him on the bed infront of me and I changed him and got Jeff to fix a bottle and then I just fed him...then Jeff whined that I "took" him! So once Jaxon finished some of his bottle, Jeff took him and layed him on his chest...it was sooooooo sweet to see them together like that!


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Aww, that is so sweet, nothing like a father's love to melt your heart all over again huh :)

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