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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Viva Box (review/LIVE Giveaway Tomorow!)

Father's Day is coming up, do you know what you are giving your father or husband? I DO! Well, I already did lol. I give my dad a BBQ Viva Box! My dad know's I'm a review blogger, so he's checked out my blog, and I told him that I was reviewing Viva Box and wanted to give his Father's Day Gift to him early so he can let me know how it is before Father's Day.

Let me start off by explaining what a Viva Box is, it's a gift box of sorts, you choose the theme (I got BBQ for my dad....most dads like to grill) and the recipient of the box gets to choose specifically what they want based on the samples in the box (dad got to choose from steaks or seasonings...I'll explain more of that later). You can't lose with this as a gift as long as you know sort of what a person likes such as Coffee, Wine, Fragrance, or Tea...Viva Box has all of those, plus much more!

Ok, now for the BBQ Viva Box I give my dad. I opened the box before I give it to him, I saw 3 seasonings/rubs in glass bottles in there, and a gift card in the top. The seasoning samples were from Urban Accents and were: Kansas City Classic Rub, Cajun Street, and Chicago Steak and Chop. I give Dad the box, and he was intrigued by it, he had never seen such a thing. He was curious as to if there were any shipping charges he would have to pay when he redeemed the gift card...there was nothing in the book that said he would, but nothing said he didn't. He emailed me later that night and told me he had placed his order and it was simple, not many personal questions asked, and it was quick to do. He choose the 4 rib eye steaks from Omaha Steaks as his gift (there were 6 packages to choose from Omaha Steaks, and 4 from Urban Accents) Dad expressed his concern on HOW they would ship the steaks, I assumed they would be frozen. We joked about the mailman or UPS man dropping the box on the porch and our cat Nemo eating one of the steaks....thats when he said she would go down in history as the first FLYING CAT!!!

The other day I bought a few steaks for me and my dad to enjoy, and we used one of the the Urban Accents samples, we used the Chicago Steak and Chop....after we smelled all of them (we are ODD....I blame my weirdness on him lol) We use montreal steak seasoning all the time, and this looked similar, also tasted similar. It was GOOD! Yesterday I got an email from him saying his steaks come, he immediatly thawed one out (they were packed in dry ice...one of our guesses lol) and he said it was GREAT! He told me to let him know when I was coming over and he'd thaw me one out and we'd eat steaks together again...I immediatly emailed him back (BTW, can you tell we dont talk on the phone much, we email everything lol) and told him I'd be over the next day (today) after Jaxon's dr appt. Let me tell you...he was right, the steak was GREAT!!

After eating today, I asked his opinion on the whole Viva Box, he told me to quote him specifically "Best Father's Day Gift Ever!" Yes, my dad LOVES steak (as do I lol, we're a LOT alike) His whole experience with the Viva Box was positive, which means my experience was positive, I got my dad his best Father's Day Gift....hey, wait...what about my other hand made Father's Day gifts I've made him as I was growing up!?!?!??! Kidding! LOL

Father's Day is June 21st this year, if you want to WIN a BBQ Viva Box for your father or husband I will be holding a LIVE Giveaway tomorow (Friday) night at 9:30PM EST. Also, the BBQ Viva Box and Wine Viva Box are on sale for 25% off until June 21st, both make GREAT gifts for Father's Day!!!

For the LIVE Giveaway tomorow (Friday), you can do your required entry NOW! Visit Viva Box and tell me which Viva Box is your favorite. Also, please put your name and email address in the form below for Viva Box to contact you with specials, and sales and such (NO Spamming! I promise!) Also, if you would like (not required but suggested) you can follow Viva Box on Twitter http://twitter.com/vivabox

The LIVE Giveaway is open to US Residents only.

I hope to see you tomorow at the LIVE Giveaway @ 9:30pm EST!


Nia_Leah said...

i really like the coffee talk box!!

Jennifer R said...

I would sooo love to try a Viva Box! I like the Spa Massage one - that looks heavenly!

Jennifer R
mandjregan at gmail dot com

Nurse Mommy said...

The spa box! :) I would loooooooove it! :)

Anonymous said...

Gourmet to your door is my pick
yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

Liz said...

I like the coffee talk box, yummy!

taysmommy said...

the wine viva box is uber fab!

and fabulous review mama!

pestkaj said...

gourmet to your door for me...


Seeryus Mama said...

Ohhhh, that Wine Viva Box would be excellent!


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Mmm Coffee talk for sure, I'm a java junky :)

{lol and it reminds me of that SNL skit with Mike Myers}


coconuts said...

I like the BBQ box and the coffee talk box.

Heather M said...

Coffee Talk box would be good! Thanks

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

MAC Mom said...

I like the Fragrance Vivabox.

Island Girl said...

Wow, these look great! I love the Tea Time and the Bar be que ones best!

Cj @ Live Laugh Love said...

I'm all about the coffee! The Coffee Talk VivaBox is one of the one's for me! So many to choose from that all look so great!

Christine S.
alwaysknitu1(at)optimum (dot) net

Andrea Proulx said...

Gourmet to your Door has to be my favorite VivaBox I love the idea of a romantic dinner at home!

sito50 said...

The Coffee Talk Vivabox is my favorite.

Beth said...

The Fragrance box is smashing!

Stacie said...

I really like the spa massage gift bax.

CaseyDeuce said...

I can't decide which one I like best, coffee talk, bbq or gourmet to your door!!

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