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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Baby, Bad Night

I have to start this with saying Jaxon is a very good baby! He eats 3-4ounces of milk every 3-4hours (most of the time 4!) He only cries when he's hungry, and he is pretty alert already, his eyes stay open and looking around a little bit after he finishes eating. He likes to sleep sitting up in his pillow thingy (it's an offbrand Boppy) I figured if he likes it, then let him! It's the same position as if we were holding him feeding him. We have a pretty good routine down with him, feed some, then change a diaper, sometimes he'll eat a little more after the diaper change wakes him up more (he likes to poop while he eats), sometimes another diaper, and then he's off to sleep in the crib for 3-4hours! I was expecting it to be worse, so let's knock on wood that he stays this good!

Yesterday was Jeff's 1st day back at work. I cried! I was soooooo not ready! So 5pm rolled around and Jeff left me with 3 kids for the 1st time. I had had a headache all day, my blood pressure was up (been up for a few days, and my dr prescribed a blood pressure medicine which I was just able to pick up yesterday afternoon and was planning to take before bed) So I was trying to pump, keep an eye on Jeffery and Jaylin while they played and trying not to think of the horrible headache I had. So after pumping, I went and got Jeffery and Jaylin a lunchable out to snack on before dinner, and it started storming...BAD! The backdoor suddenly blew open and I couldn't get it latched back, the back floor was gettin SOAKED, Jaxon started crying, Jeffery kept telling me the baby was crying, Jaylin started crying because the storm was scaring her, and this all made my headache a million times worse! I tried texting Jeff to let him know, I then called my dr to ask how bad the side effects of this medicine was (it said dizzyness and drowsyness, i didn't want to take it and it knock me out while the kids were up) I explained the headache and such to her and she told me the side effects were only if my blood pressure got too LOW, well, that wasnt going to happen lol. She told me to take a percocet when the kids went to sleep (it was only 630, highly unlikely for that to happen soon)

It got so bad I had to call Jeff's supervisor and let him know I needed Jeff home, I was leaving a voicemail for him, and was fine until the middle I started crying. I had to just wait for him to get the message. All the while I was texting Jeff keeping him up to date on whats going on, if he got a chance to check his cell phone. Then a little while later Jeff called....and I told him I NEEDED him home! He said he'd talk to his supervisor and let him know I need him, and then shortly after that he was on his way home! Granted he is getting written up, but he's been there 3years and this is the 1st time he's been written up. It sucks, but he's fine, and his supervisor said his hands are tied, and thats the rules because he has no proof that he has to come home. I dunno, something like that.

When Jeff got home, I took off to the bedroom and layed down! My feet were huge, my headache was horrible and I just needed to lay down! I took some percocet and I was OUT!

Tonight, that's a different story. I've been taking my medicine for my blood pressure, so I feel pretty good. Jeff got the kids fed before he left for work, actually I just went out a few min ago to see if they finished and they both wanted to go to bed...at 6pm!!! I let them, they both have cartoons on in their room so I'm sure they wont go directly to sleep, but they are quiet. Jaxon, he's laying here in his pillow all swaddled up and relaxing next to me. I can handle tonight! I'm glad it got easier!


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