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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kid Sleep (review)

Now that we have a new baby, I need all the sleep I can get! Jeffery seems to think that since the sun is up, it's time to get up....at 6am! That's when I've found Kid Sleep to work like a charm! Kid Sleep is like an "alarm clock" for toddlers, the bottom is lit when its time to sleep, and has a cute picture of a bunny sleeping, then when it's time to get up the top lights up....and it goes by when YOU set it! The designs are adorable, the little bunny (or mouse or bear) is precious!

So I explained to Jeffery that he's not to get out of bed until the top lights up, he can get up when the bunny gets up. It actually worked! He understands the concept. When he goes to bed I explain to him that he needed to sleep like the bunny, and in the morning he'll wake up and tell me the bunny is awake, so he is awake...he's so cute! The Kid Sleep can be used as an actual alarm clock too, I plan to use that when Fall rolls around and he goes back to school. I'll have the alarm go off the same time as mine so hopefully he'll get up and I won't have to struggle to wake him up.

Kid Sleep comes with an extra display that is for a nightlight function. So Kid Sleep can be used for all ages! Nightlight for babies, wakeup/sleep reminder lights for toddlers/younger kids, and alarm clock for older kids. Kid Sleep is going to be used in our house for a LONG time!

The alarm clock function isn't a noisy alarm, it starts off as a bird chirping and then a rooster crowing, that way it don't scare the child awake, it's peaceful but enough to wake them up.


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