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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I didn't do much for my dad or husband for Father's Day, mostly because I give my dad his gift earlier (see VivaBox Review!) We didn't have a lot of money for me to buy anything for Jeff for Father's Day, but hey, he didn't get me anything for Mother's Day either!

Anyways, i slept most of the day since I wasn't feeling well. BUT Jeff went and talked to my dad and ended up buying a truck off my uncle....ugh! ANOTHER vehicle in our driveway (my van, my old car, jeffs junky car, and now this truck!) So he come bursting in (he asked to borrow the money to buy the truck in the 1st place....so now we owe money too) So Jeff is now the owner of a '78 Chevy pickup truck. I told him that is considered his Father's Day gift! So after getting the news that he was able to borrow the money, he come bursting in the bedroom where i was resting and told me to get up and get in the van we were going to pick up his truck! Not something I wanted to do...but did for him.

But Father's Day isn't all about material items! I appreciate my father everyday! He is the most wonderful father a daughter can have and I am so thankful to have him! He is the one who had custody of me growing up, and although I didn't always live with him (moved in with him when i was 13) He always showed how much he cared, even when stationed overseas (he was in the Air Force) he sent care packages, he brought me stuff home, he wrote to me and all that stuff. As long as he was stateside he would come up to visit EVERY weekend. Durring the summer he took 30days vacation and we would go camping, to amusement parks, and just all over the place! I loved doing things with my dad, still do! I know that whenever I need him, he'll be there!

Jeff...my husband, the father of my 3 kiddos...he's something else lol. He's a good father, he loves his kids....he loves them enough that he works his tail off so that I can stay at home so a stranger don't have to raise them for us. He usually has Jeffery with him wherever he goes, and now Jaylin is getting in the groove of wanting to be with daddy too.....well of course they want a break from mommy, they see me everyday all day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the DADs out there! And remember, any guy can be a sperm donor and become a "father" but it takes a real man, real time to be a daddy!


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