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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Trip to ER

Last night I went to the ER for my headaches, I was dizzy, lightheaded and at times nauseaus....they kept asking if I had a history of migraines which I havent. I got in and registered and immediatly taken to a room, too bad it took the dr over an hour to come in and see me! He said he could give me a shot to make the pain go away or he could run bloodwork and do a CT scan, he then asked if I drove myself and I told him my husband was in the van with the younger 2 kiddos...he said the CT scan and bloodwork would take about 2hours....something I didn't have since it was 11:30pm already. He said he would give me the shot and send me home then, that it might be a migraine and that I needed to follow up with my dr. So the nurse come in and give me a shot in each buttcheek, one for nausea and one for the headache...it eased the pain and I had to stay for an extra 20min to watch my reaction and such. I come home, fed Jaxon and went to bed, i got up every 4hours to feed him but didnt get up for the day til after 3pm!!! I'm sooooooooo tired still and my headache isnt as bad, and im not dizzy...but i still hurt a little. I'll make an appt with my dr tomorow to see what she says...I can't live like this for too much longer.


Angie Marion said...

I get migraines ALOT and have a headache daily so I feel your pain. I've had those shots too. I went through all the tests, and they found no reason. I've determined it's stress. SUcks but yes, that will do it to you. hope you feel better!

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