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Monday, June 1, 2009

Rough Night

First night home...and boy, this is going to take some getting used to! I was up late skyping and waiting for time for me to take my pain pill and then when I finally did lay down, Jaxon woke up! Jeff come and got him and tried to feed him a bottle, which Jaxon was having none of...so Jeff tried to get him back to sleep....worked for a little bit...but he woke right back up! I was up and down for about an hour trying to get him to take his bottle because at night I just dont have the patience to breastfeed, but I do try durring the day.

So while feeding Jaxon last night, I noticed my shirt was WET....I was leaking colostrum, after all day of trying to breastfeed him and getting nothing, my breasts decide to leak at night! So Jeff brought up a good idea, PUMP IT!!! So I finished feeding Jaxon his bottle and pulled out my "miPump" Deluxe Double Pump...I pumped and got almost 2ounces! I was amazed, after all day trying to feed him and nothing coming out, the miPump got something out! Now let me tell you, the miPump isn't very big, it's actually small enough to fit into your purse! Actually the miPump is designed to be a travel pump, its small, portable, quiet and can be battery operated! It's actually so quiet that while I was pumping Jeff didn't even notice and he was laying right next to me in bed!

The miPump Delue Double Pump comes with a TON of stuff with it. A carrying case that resembles a purse, 2 containers, lids, nipples for the containers (which are designed to resemble the dropping of milk in the breasts when a baby is breastfeeding), attachments so you can use your own bottles (different sizes for different size bottles), even an attachment so you can pump directly into a breastmilk storage bag, and it has a cooler bag with 2 reusable ice packs.

I also have very large breasts, and the flexi fit shield fits them just fine! I thought it would be awkward feeling, but the miPump is comfortable and mimicks the suck of a baby. I was using it to get the colostrum for Jaxon because I know that is the most important thing in a newborns first week or so of life, it is working well to help bring in my milk, since I can't get Jaxon to latch on to stimulate milk production because he won't suck unless he's getting something, I feel my milk coming in now, painful, but I know it will be worth it!


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