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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who Did It???

Who kidnapped my husband and replaced him with a drone!!?!?!? Don't worry, you aren't in trouble, I want to give you a HUG and say THANK YOU!!!

REALLY! Jeff is not being Jeff today! Tomorow he goes back to work and usually the day before he is GROUCHY! But today, I left at 10:30am to take Jaxon to the dr for weight check, I left him with Jeffery and Jaylin. After the dr appt, I went straight to my dad's house for steaks, leaving Jeff with the kids even longer...he never once complained or texted me asking where I was! It was amazing! I got home and was able to take care of Jaxon, and Jeff whined a little bit, he was grouchy cuz he couldn't find the key to the lawnmower...he got over that real quick when he got it started. He mowed the yard, kept an eye on the kids while they played outside so I could take care of grouchy Jaxon! He then come inside and fixed the kids something to eat, and did dishes! OMG I was about in shock!

It didn't end there!!!!! He fixed me some spagetti and garlic bread. When the kids were done eating, he give them a bath, he then put them to bed!!! OMG!!! THEN I had to run to the store and when I got back he was sitting at his computer holding Jaxon on his chest!!!

Ok, so lets list this:
~not grouchy
~mowed the grass
~watched the kids
~fed the kids
~did the dishes
~fixed me something to eat
~give the kids a bath
~put the kids to bed
~holding Jaxon just to hold him!

Ok, whoever switched him...DONT switch him back!!!! I'm enjoying this!

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