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Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Little Stars (review)

Since finding out I was pregnant with Jaxon I have been obsessed over finding unique and adorable products online (I wasn't big into online shopping with the other 2 when I was pregnant) Well, I found yet another cute and unique online shop! It's called 2 Little Stars (I'm sure you guessed that by the title of this post huh? lol) 2 Little Stars have a lot of cute things for babies and kids too! These items are perfect for a baby shower gift, things like, burp cloths, bibs, onsies, tshirts, blankets, ect.

I was sent a bib and burp cloth for Jaxon! You can see in the picture how adorable he is, and the bib is cute too lol. The bib is actually huge on him as you can tell, but I know he'll grow into it in no time! When I first got the bib I was amazed at how soft one side was (the solid blue), its velvety soft! The bibs are reversible, so you get 2 bibs in 1, the back of his bib is the blue disco pattern (brown with blue circles)he likes to look at the pattern! When I was browsing 2 Little Stars' site, I noticed most all of their products can be personalized, and you can see Jaxon's bib has his name on it, and that isn't just a cheap iron-on...it's actually embroidered on there...so you know it will last! It is only personalized on one side, the solid color side.

I didn't get a picture of our burp cloth, but here is one of the pictures off of their site of the fabric and pattern I got, it's not the same pattern as the bib, but just as cute (just like the bib, the burp cloth is reversible also). I am just in love with all of their fabric and patterns, they are just adorable! Cute, yet sophisticated!

So, if you are expecting a baby, have a baby/toddler, or know someone who is/does...check out 2 Little Stars for great gifts!


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