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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barley & Birch (review/giveaway)

My kids are the future, so I felt I needed to start using a few more eco-friendly products. Honestly, I won't go ALL eco-friendly, but I will do some. Let's start with some shirts I recently found and got the great opportunity to review! Barley & Birch, they make cute, organic, planet saving clothes. Not only are Barley & Birch clothes good for the environment but they are super-cute! Check out Jeffery wearing the Monkey Tee!

Barley & Birch shirts, one pieces, pants and hats are made in the USA using 100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks. (They don’t pollute the earth, water, or expose farm workers to toxins.) I love this, not only do they make eco-friendly clothes they give to charities and such... at least 15% of Barley & Birch profits go to several carbon-reducing initiatives in order to fully offset the carbon emissions that result from the production of their products, and at least another 15% goes to organizations that improve people’s lives around the world.

I have to tell this story....it's cute and I'm just so proud! Today Jaylin was wearing her Bluefeet Barley & Birch shirt for the first time and it just so happens to be the first time she went pee in the potty by herself with no reminder from me or daddy! I'm thrilled! Soooo I'm thinking her shirt must be good luck or something (Disclaimer: I'm not saying if you get a Barley & Birch shirt you will have luck potty training or any luck at all), I'm just in awe at this because she has never been very interested in the potty and actually has fought me to sit on it before...but today...it just happened!

Go check out Barley & Birch's blog (link here) where Jeffery and Jaylin are featured as their "wear it" Wednesday! I love the quote off there describing Jaylin: "We love Jaylin's "Mom, get that camera out of my face please" look" I guess that's the look of a kid who's mommy is a aspiring photographer who had a TON of pics to take for reviews yesterday and today! I take a million pics, different angles, lighting, poses and such to try to get the "perfect" picture!
**Giveaway Has Ended**
Barley & Birch want to give one of my readers a Monkey Tee (same as Jeffery's shirt). For the main entry, please visit Barley & Birch and browse around, then come back here and let me know which of their design is your favorite!

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