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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2months of Pure Love

YES He's 2months old already! He weighs 11lbs 6oz, he is 23inches and his head is pretty big (I forget the measurement) anyways, for his weight, he's 46% (if you don't understand the % rating, if he were with 100 other babies his age, he would be number 46 in comparison of smallest to biggest), height 54% and his head is a whooping 63%. He's actually my first baby to have his weight UNDER the 50% mark at ANY checkup. I knew his height was gonna be up there, he's a long baby.

Anyways, now onto the seriousness of my poor little baby...he has thrush...he's now gotta have medicine for that. He has to change to soy formula to try to help with his bowel movements (he's only having 1 every other day or so) and I have to take him to an ENT because when he's eating or right afterwards, he's wheezing a LOT, the Dr noticed that and asked about it before I had a chance to ask her (she was doing the regular questions and i was gonna ask about it when she asked if i had any concerns) She don't know why he would be doing it, but she said its DEF not normal....the 1st pediatrician i took him to (Jeffery and Jaylin's old pediatrician ) said its because he has "small features" he has my nose, and yes my nose is small, but ALL my kids have my nose and Jeffery and Jaylin never wheezed or gasped for air like he does. (BTW he's not changing colors or anything, so I know he's getting oxygen) And to add on top of the ENT thing, the only ENTs that take medicaid anymore is in Charlottesville....45min+ drive

Oh, and he got 3 shots, 2 in 1 leg and 1 in the other, then he got the oral rotovirus one...poor thing turned beat red screaming his little head off. He started bleeding and Jeffery screamed at me "THE BABY IS BLEEDING MOMMY!!!"So that's my update on Jaxon...my growing little 2month old....seriously where does the time go???

These last 2 months have been great. Yes, it's sleepless nights sometimes, and yes he cries a lot, and yes I have to change dirty diapers...but knowing he's a happy relatively healthy baby makes it all worth it. When I put him in his carrier on my chest when he's screaming, and that instantly makes him quiet...its worth it to know I am that much of a comfort to him. I see Jeffery and Jaylin playing and I think to when Jaxon is big enough and will get to play with them too and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The times that make me especially happy is when I am carrying Jaxon and Jaylin or Jeffery (sometimes both) come up and want to hold him, it's precious to see them together, and see the love and caring in their eyes. Jaylin loves to rub his head and say "Baby", she's so gentle and kind, I love it.

Everyday my heart grows with love for all of my kids. Being a mom is the best thing in the world!

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