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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wubbanub (review/giveaway)

Most babys love pacifiers, and they love holding onto things. Jaxon is one of those babies, and because of that...he loves his Wubbanub! What is a Wubbanub? It's a product discovered by a mom (the best baby products are created by moms because they know best!) and it's also a "Why didn't I think of that?" product! Wubbanub is a plush animal that is sewn to a pacifier. Jaxon was sent the Monkey Wubbanub (of course!) I must say, this is a necessity when we go ANYWHERE now...our checklist is like this:

-Baby - Check
- Carseat - Check
- Wubbanub - Check
- Diapers - Check
ect, ect

YES, its that important that it actually comes before diapers, ha ha! Ok, in all seriousness, Wubbanub has been a lifesaver for us! Jaxon sometimes falls asleep and his pacifier will fall out of his mouth...he then wakes up immediatley and screams. Wubbanub keeps the pacifier in his mouth since he's holding the monkey. The monkey is so so soft and the feet are filled with beans like a beanie baby (don't worry, its safe, "the beans are sewn in separate safety sacks within the plush. The WubbaNub conforms to the ASTM F963-96a safety code requirements and is baby safe" quoted from Wubbanub's site) Something I was worried about when I got it was if the pacifier would fall off the monkey...I was relieved when I found Jeffery and Jaylin fighting over the monkey with one pulling on the pacifier and one pulling the monkey...it held STRONG! I was thrilled also because the pacifier that is sewn to the monkey is the same paficier our hospital uses in the nursery (so we already had one, and knew he loved it!)

As you can see in the picture of Jaxon, not only is Wubbanub funcional, its just simply ADORABLE! Wubbanub makes more than just monkeys, they have a wide variety of animals to choose from. Check them out HERE!
**Giveaway has Ended...Winner Announced**
Wubbanub wants to give one of my readers their very own Monkey Wubbanub (just like Jaxon's)! To enter, visit Wubbanub's site, and come back here and tell me which Wubbanub is your favorite in the form below.

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