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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bath Luve (review)

When I give Jaxon his first bath when he was a week old, he screamed his little head off, he was cold and I tried my hardest to keep him as warm as possible. I then found Bath Luve! Bath Luve is a washcloth type material made in a cute character (frog, duck, or fish), designed to cover baby's body and shoulders to keep them warm!

As you can see in this picture, Jaxon isn't screaming at all! I soaked the Bath Luve in warm water and covered him with it and he was happy as could be! Bath Luve is still a bit big on him, but he's slowly growing into it! If I felt it was cooling down, I just poured a little more warm water over it. I was soooooo happy that he was happy with a bath! Of course Jaxon looks adorable, but check out the cute little froggy design covering his little cute body! I am sooooo thrilled to have this, I wish I would have had one when Jeffery and Jaylin were babies! Bath Luve now makes a Bath Luve Buddy to match each Bath Luve, they are little sponge characters that you can use to wash your baby, squeeze warm water over the Bath Luve, or a soft toy for baby!
Check out Bath Luve to get one for yourself at $6.99 each you can't beat that for a happy bathing baby!


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