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Monday, July 13, 2009

Flower Duet DVD (review)

Buying flowers from a florist for center pieces, decorations, bridal bouqets, or gifts can be pricey, why can't you just buy the flowers and arrange them yourself? Because you don't know how to make them look good? Well problem solved....Flower Duet has an instructional DVD to help you!

Casey and Kit (the duet lol), go through step by step to teach you everything you need to know. First by taking you to their favorite floral warehouse to show you different flowers and how to choose the freshest, then they take you back and show you how to condition the flowers, then they show you how to trim the greenery off the flower, finally they show you how to create 3 different arrangements (centerpieces, bridal bouquet, and a tall organic). For a 30-minute video it has a lot of information! I learned a lot from the video, they have lots of great tips!

Check out Flower Duet's site for more information on the different flowers there are out there in the different seasons. You can also purchase instructions on different characters (bunny, bear, ect)


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