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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bobles (review)

I found something that is now a huge hit in this house....with BOTH Jeffery and Jaylin. They are called Bobles. Bobles are foam geometric shapes that can be used for multiple purposes. They can be used as furniture, or can be used to tumble, rock, seesaw, roll, or jump. They have different shapes for each animal. They have a pig, elephant, crocodile, chicken, fish, worm, or snake, all come in various colors.

You can see Jeffery here with all of the Bobles that we were sent. The green and yellow one in the corner (hard to see I know, sorry) is a chicken, the red and orange is a crocodile, the black and white is a giraffe, and the blue and light blue is a pig. This picture shows how Jeffery likes to play with the Bobles, he lines them all up and then walks across them as a "bridge" (his word!) and then jumps off.

I can't wait for Jaxon to get old enough to play with them, it will help him get his gross motor skills mastered early I hope. Although I hear enough fighting over these Bobles, I don't know if I want to have 3 kids fighting over them! Seriously, I break up soooooo many fights between Jeffery and Jaylin, they both want them all, or they HAVE to have the one the other is playing with.

Jaylin, she likes the pig...as you can see, her favorite thing to do is roll around on it..she's such a cutie and will roll on it for the longest time! I'm glad we were sent the crocodile, she used to have a hard time with steps, after playing on the crocodile Boble a few days, she is now a pro at going up and down steps!

The possibilities with Bobles are endless! You can see Jeffery here on top of the giraffe AND crocodile...SCARES me to death! But I have monkeys for kids, and they love to climb. After both of my older kids have been through so many evaluations for their motor skills, speech and such, I know all about the importance of gross motor skills, and Bobles are perfect for enhancing/fine tuning gross motor skills.

I didn't get a picture of it, but Bobles can be used as furniture as well, I have let my kids eat lunch or dinner on their Bobles before, they either sit on the floor and use the pig or giraffe as a table, or they will sit on the crocodile tail and use the head as a table...its cute. Oh and even Jeff has enjoyed playing with Bobles (yes JEFF...my husband lol) He made a ramp out of the giraffe chicken and crocodile and rolled the pig down, he got a good laugh out of the kids with that, and now Jeffery likes to make ramps too and roll it down. It uses their imagination and its awesome! Oh, and to show you how strong these things are, I've even stood on one and used it as a stool to reach something....I'm not exactly skinny lol.

Go check out Bobles for yourself! I looked around online and found that Bobles start around $40 and go upwards from there. WELL worth the money I say!


Liz said...

how cute! And what a fun idea, my kiddos would Love these as well, and I'm sure they'd fight over them also!! :-)

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Those look super fun!

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