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Thursday, July 23, 2009

PR Blackout? NOT HERE!

I've had a lot of people and PR ask me if I'm participating in the PR Blackout that some are going to do. I had no idea what a PR Blackout was...I had to ask some other bloggers. Come to find out it's MomDot's plan to not do reviews/giveaways or any PR announcements for a week, they say they are overworked or some shizz like that. Me...I love what I do (blogging, review and personal posts) To me, if you don't enjoy review blogging, don't do it. Ever heard of the word "NO"? I have turned down review opportunities, because they didn't fit my blog, or I wasn't interested in the product.

I'm hoping that this PR Blackout has bad side effects on them. If I was a PR and saw a blog doing this, I would think "well, they don't enjoy review blogging, so I don't want to work with them" If you are a review blogger, that is your choice, you also have the choice to say no, and to take a break...but don't make a huge deal out of it...we all need a break once in awhile and its understandable to want to go on vacation and not worry about your blog, or go spend time with the family...whatever...but don't drag everyone else into it.

I also heard that the purpose of the PR Blackout was they thought bloggers were getting away from being personal and are just doing reviews. Well, don't blame the PR and put them in the spotlight by having them in the name. I used to do too many reviews and not enough personal posts...I've tried to change that, and I've spaced out my reviews and such (did that before I heard of this blackout!). But that is up to the blogger themselves to do that, some crazy event for a week isn't going to change that. Plus, how much do you want to bet that after that week is up, MomDot will be right back to doing a million reviews (if they can get them, I wouldnt want to work with them) and back to what they were trying to change....uhm....then what was the point of the blackout?

So in closing...NO I will NOT be participating in the PR Blackout. I'm not a sheep and I don't follow the crowd, plus thats in the middle of our (Melissa, Sky, Kristin and myself) Back 2 School event. We have too much going on for me to neglect that!


taysmommy said...

I heard about it from a PR rep I'm working with. I'm not participating but more power to those who are. Doesn't really make much sense to me but whatev...

Jammie said...

Well said...

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