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Monday, July 20, 2009

Gonna Have FUN!

Fun...yea....sure! If you call fun taking 3 kids on a 1hr road trip to take the oldest to a GI Specialist! Also, let me mention that the appt is at 2pm, which is the middle of NAPTIME for Jeffery and Jaylin! Someone got an extra straight jacket for me?

Oh yea, and where the appt is...I've NEVER been! I have no clue where the heck I'm going, and the only map I have is a poorly drawn map they sent me...PLUS there is contstruction going on near the entrance so that will make it more confusing! So in order to make it there on time, I have to get up, get the kids breakfast, feed Jaxon, get all 3 dressed, then myself dressed and out the door to drive an hour to find this place, I plan to leave EARLY and give myself plenty of time to find it.
How hard do you think it's gonna be for a GastroIntestional Specialist to examine my out of control 4year old in the middle of what's supose to be naptime?
So if you have time tomorow, please think about me...say a little prayer that I come home with all my hair on my head...also pray that I dont kill my kids while there (just kidding of course! Take a joke!)


Jennifer-EightyMPHMom said...

Well that does not sound fun at all!! I will be thinking of you and I hope it turns out okay. I had the same problem this morning with an appt. - there was road construction everywhere and the front entrance of the hospital was in the back now!

Good luck!

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