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Monday, July 13, 2009

Norman PhartEphant (review/giveaway)

Ok, the title of this post may intrigue you....it surely did me when I heard about Norman PhartEphant. Honestly, I thought it was a joke, I had to check it out before I agreed to review this little stuffed elephant. I am so glad I agreed! When I got Norman, Jeffery wasn't home so I showed it to Jaylin who got an INSTANT smile out of the farting elephant! She actually took a nap with Norman that day!

Ok, what or who is Norman? Norman PhartEphant is a stuffed elephant that when you push his tail, he pharts ("farts")! He makes 8 different phart sounds....yes **8**! I didn't know there was that many sounds a phart could make! What I enjoy most about Norman is the story behind him.

"Norman PhartEphant™ is an African elephant that was adopted by a US zoo. The dietary changes in the transition caused unexpected gastric effects. There is more to Norman than just gas! But he is polite and apologizes on occasion."

I have to say that Norman PhartEphant isn't just for kids, Jeff got just as much laughs out of him as Jeffery and Jaylin did! I can't tell you how long all 3 of them sat together and took turns playing with Norman and laughing about it! Norman PhartEphant would make a great gift for that someone who seems to have everything!

Win a Norman PhartEphant! Visit Norman PhartEphant's site, then come back here and fill out the following form and tell me who you would give Norman to, or if you will keep him for yourself...and WHY! Of course there are extra entries!

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