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Monday, July 13, 2009

Jump Start (review/giveaway)

When school let out the day before I had Jaxon, I had no idea how I was going to manage 3 kiddos at home while Jeff went to work and recover from surgery (he had to go back to work 2days after I got home), thats when I was contacted by JumpStart who wanted Jeffery to try out their online game. Now, Jeffery LOVES playing on Daddy's computer (he has a desktop, my computer is a laptop, so its harder for Jeffery to play with the touchpad mouse)....to me, that was PROBLEM SOLVED! Jeffery had a new game to keep him occupied while I had to feed Jaxon, or do some housework or whatever. Don't think I'm going to just let him play whatever, JumpStart is a educational game!

So, getting started it was simple, I sat with Jeffery and helped him create a "virtual Jeffery". I then just let him go at it! He's a smart little boy and got the hang of it right away and was on the computer until naptime! I was able to feed Jaxon, cleanup around the house a little, make sure Jaylin was changed and taken care of, and even rest a little to make sure I didn't over-do it with my incision. JumpStart teaches math, reading, and critical thinking skills, Jeffery loves to learn, so this was PERFECT for him! I sat beside him and just watched as he ran around the virtual world going to different places and solving puzzles and such. The place Jeffery was in was called Storyland which is aimed at kids 3-5years old. JumpStart just launched an area called Adventureland for Kindergarten-2nd grade and soon they hope to launch an area called Future Land for kids 3rd-5th grades. I love that Jeffery can use the computer to learn, he uses his hand eye coordination also, with using the mouse and such. I love that school didn't have to end for him when the school year ended, I was able to continue it with JumpStart!

JumpStart also have a section for parents. A discussion board for parents to ask questions, or to talk to eachother or whatever you may need!

JumpStart would like to give one of my readers a 3month membership! Go to JumpStart and browse around, then come back and fill out the form and tell me what you think you will like about JumpStart. Of course you have the extra entries too!

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